My pictures will be on exhibit at the Rockridge Cafe

South Rodeo Beach, Marin Headlands
South Rodeo Beach, Marin Headlands

in Oakland from July 9th to August 18th.

This is your chance to see some of my seascapes in print format and enjoy brunch at the number one brunch place in the Bay Area according to polls by BayList and SF Chronicle. Plan a brunch trip to North Oakland now. See you there?

Watch here for more details and some other opportunities to enjoy my pictures.

This series of articles has covered color management and printer profiles so far. That brings us to the final step – actually printing. But wait, wouldn’t you like to know how the print will look without wasting paper and ink? Well, you can. That’s where softproofing comes in.Read more »

The previous article covered the basics of color theory and color spaces.  Now it’s time for the ink to hit the paper.  How can you get accurate prints the first time?

Devices, such as your monitor and printer, use a profile to determine how to render a color.  A profile is simply a table that indicates what mixture of primary colors should be used to obtain a certain color.

Generating a custom profile for your monitor is a necessary – but not sufficient- step on the path to print nirvana.  Without a custom monitor profile, it is unlikely that you will be able to print accurately without a lot of trial and error. Read more »