This comes under the heading, “better late than never.” I spent a week on the edge of Monterey Bay late in July. Always a great place. There were, of course, dramatic sunsets, fog shrouded mornings and plentiful wild life.

For a change of pace I decided to take the Elkhorn Slough Safari boat trip. That would give me a change to get a different perspective on the Slough. I’d recommend the trip. Yes it is touristy but they do get you views of the different creatures in the Slough. One thing to keep in mind is that they – that’s the Safari folks – are restricted in how close they can get to animals. I considered renting Fuji’s 100-400mm lens just for the trip but decided to pass on that…this time. The Safari folks were helpful and have a policy that might interest other photogs. If you reserve early and request the back seat in the boat (Best for photogs because you can get to either side of the boat for shots.) and if no one else requests it, it’s yours. You can assure yourself of that seat if you pay for two people. I took the chance I’d be the only one and it worked. YMMV.

One late afternoon thousands of birds converged just off shore. I assume a school of fish were there. This shot captures some of the scene.

There are three galleries from the trip. You can review some of the sunsets, the wild life, and, finally, some of the foggy morning shots.

Down the San Mateo Coast once again. A great place for tide pools is Fitzgerald Marine Reserve – a San Mateo County Park.

For tide pooling, it’s best to be there at low tide. I didn’t plan on that, just decided to stop by there and found it was low tide. So, I took advantage of that and captured images of sea creatures. One thing about your visit there – don’t disturb any of the critters. Unless you want to get kicked out of the park. See the link above for more information about the Reserve.

Meanwhile, you can see a few of my images here.

Spent some cold minutes in high winds capturing the San Francisco Fireworks last night. Good show…if you like fireworks. You can see more here.

One question I get this time of year is “What settings do you use?” So, here you go. I was using a 55-200mm lens on my Fuji X-T1 mounted on a tripod. The aperture was f/7.1 or f/9.0. ISO was 200. Shutter speed was set to Bulb. Using a remote control, I would trip the shutter when I saw the launch flash on the barge. I’d let up at some (random) interval after that. The shutter speeds in the gallery range from 2.6 seconds up to 6.5 seconds.

Continuing with my exploration of the Presidio, I spent an early morning hiking around El Polin Spring. This is basically a continuation of the hike from last week. It turned into a search for flowers since that was the most colorful thing I saw. That reminded me of a short conversation I had several years ago on a shoot with a friend on a foggy morning:

Friend – “There’s not much color today.”
Me – “Gray and Green are colors.”

Now I’m more in the “not much color” camp which really means I’m just not being creative. You can see some other shots from the morning here.

I stopped at Crissy Field to see there was any windsurfing in progress after my hike. There was but only a few riders. It was very windy – back in the day the beach would have been jammed with people rigging and going out. Now, not so much. I got in a couple of shots as you can see below.