North Beach at Night

20160822G-5604-HDR-EditThis week I went to an exhibit of Fred Lyon’s photos. Lyon photographed San Francisco in the 1940s and 1950s. I recommend the exhibit which is at the Leica store, 463 Bush, San Francisco.

Seeing the exhibit inspired me to try my hand at some night time photography. So I walked around North Beach for a while. In the spirit of the 1940s, I’ve converted the photos to B+W. Apparently, I’m in a B+W phase now. The Coit Tower picture above is similar to one of Lyon’s photos.

You can see my other choices from the night here.

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Monterey Bay

20160720G-4765I spent a couple of days at Pajaro Dunes. I managed to catch some wildlife photos – sadly, no whales yet again – but I did get a full moon and lots of birds. Apparently it’s not my place to see whales up close. I did some some spouting but it wasn’t anywhere close enough for me to get a picture. Still, lots of birds.

I did the early AM thing at Moss Landing yet again. Since it was clear, I could see the full moon setting so that was a bonus.20160721G-5189 The fishing boats were just returning to harbor around sunrise. Based on the number of pelicans flying around, I assume the fishing was good but I have no idea.

My favorite shots from the trip are here. Enjoy.

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Cowell-Purisma Trail

20160709G-4199Remember my blank trip to the Cowell-Purisma Trail back in March? I made it to the trail this time. It’s only open on week-ends so I arose early and traveled down the coast. Turns out, I had to wait for the gate to be opened. Maybe I was too early. As you can see from the image, it was a little on the foggy side. I only covered about half the trail from the south side. 20160709G-4295One problem is that the bluffs are unstable – that means stay back from the edge – and from the trail the ocean is not visible. There are no paths to the beach until the far northern end. So I didn’t get a lot. Here’s another shot from today. I might explore the northern end some more but I didn’t find the hike to be particularly picturesque.

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Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

20160617G-3983Still working on the San Mateo Coast. I wanted a couple more shots of Fitzgerald so I went down early in the morning. Took a brief hike at Pillar Point Bluff County Park, then went to Fitzgerald. The time to visit Fitzgerald is at low tide but that time didn’t work for me so I managed to get there at high tide. I did get some scenic shots of the park and some seals taking a nap on the beach. I’m not good at identifying seals but I think they are harbor seals. 20160617G-4007 Feel free to correct me. One thing that surprised me was that it seemed the seals would look at me when the shutter clicked. At least a couple of them would look in my direction when I took a picture. I was at least 70 meters away and above them so I can’t be sure. The picture on the left gives you an idea how far away I was but remember, it was taken with a wide-angle lens so it is misleading.

You can see the other shots from the day here.

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Fog in Pescadero

Down the coast…again. I wanted to get more photos for my San Mateo Coast portfolio. Still do. Turned out the weather was what one might call foggy. As in, I couldn’t tell the difference between sunset and sunrise. Well, there is that early in the morning thing for sunrise but other than that. I spent all my time at Pescadero State Beach – which includes Pescadero Marsh – and Bean Hollow State Beach along with Pebble Beach which is a part of Bean Hollow. There’s only so many pictures I can make of a foggy ocean – imagination failure – so I did some long exposure things and the “move the camera” stuff. Some of those shots made the finals. You can see the shots from the trip here.2016-05-12_08-55-20

Once again, I stopped for coffee at Downtown Local in, would you believe, downtown Pescadero. You might recall, since you are a follower of REZPhotography, I posted a picture of the Apple II they have. They have good espresso and, I discovered this vending machine while looking around. Hmm.

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