Streets of San Francisco: Grant Avenue

The start

Some time ago, it was suggested to me that an interesting walk in San Francisco is to walk Grant Ave. from beginning to end. Grant starts at Market Street and continues to Pier 39 with one interruption – there is no 2100 block.

The End

It starts in the Union Square/Financial District, changes to the so-called “main street of Chinatown” where it is known as Dupont Gai, takes on another personality as it crosses Broadway becoming a North Beach street lined with bars and restaurants and finally morphing once more into a residential street at Filbert. It’s a great cross section of San Francisco.

I’ve started a project called “Streets of San Francisco” that, maybe, will not just be about Grant Ave. but will include other streets I find interesting. The first gallery in the project is here. This is just the first pass; I expect to add and change the gallery over the next few weeks.

More on 35mm f/2 lens

Begining to like the 35mm lens. Handles well, focuses quickly and is very sharp. The cons are the lack of image stabilization and the limitations of a prime lens. Maybe I’m just to used to zoom lenses but I find it restraining not to be able to reframe without moving somewhere. Sometimes you just can’t move to another place. I can live without image stabilization but I blew several shots just because I expected it. Put it down to personal failure.

More shots here.

7/11/17 Added some more images

7/14/17 Added images from North Beach.

More Lens Testing.

You might recall I tested the Fuji 35mm f/1.4 lens last year. I decided to take a look at the f/2 version. It gets good reviews and is weather-resistant besides not to mention $200 less than the f/1.4 version. Just picked it up yesterday and haven’t had much time with it yet. It’s really small and light. I’ll be testing it for a while so keep an eye out for more details.

In the meantime, I did a short walk-around with it last night just to get going. Here’s two samples from the evening. I couldn’t resist post processing these so they shouldn’t be used as examples for the lens. Just having fun with the Nik software again.

July 4 Walk-Around

I wanted to test some ideas out so I walked around for a while just doing my type of street photography. This gallery is some of my favorites from the walk. No, nothing particular about the 4th, just random stuff. Had fun converting one to “almost black and white” and really did convert one to black and white using Nik Silver Effects. Why did Google have to drop support for the Nik software. It’s way useful and better than most the stuff I have for some tasks. Anyway, enjoy the gallery. BTW, that might be the last public phone in the City. Ya think?

Angel Island

I took the ferry to Angel Island for a somewhat different photographic experience. While Angel Island, a state park, features great views, my destination was the Immigration Station. This trip was inspired by my visit to the Chinese Historical Society’s exhibit “Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion. Highly recommended.

From 1910 until 1940, the Immigration Station – perhaps better named the Internment Station – processed immigrates. Because of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, Chinese were not allowed to immigrate to the United States. So, they were detained at the Immigration Station for periods of time up to two years. I wanted to document the Station which is outside my usual photographic interest. It’s an interesting place. The conditions must have been deplorable. It’s doubtful my images do justice to the place but it’s a first attempt. See my Angel Island gallery for more images.

It’s a two+ mile hike from the ferry landing to the Station with one uphill climb. There are pay-for shuttles but I didn’t look into that. Be sure not to miss the last ferry of the day – could be a long night.