Full Moon Fever

I like to shoot the moon the night before it’s actually touted as the full moon. That way, the contrast between the sky and the moon is not as great. So…I went to Pier 27 and waited for the moon to rise on the 28th. Note that “The Photographer’s Ephemeris” states the moon on the 28th was “waxing gibbous” and 99.7% of full. I can deal with the missing 0.3%. While I waited for the moon to make its appearance, I shot Alcatraz with the sunset lighting up the sky.

Moonrise was a little muted because the haze over the water. This shot was close to the last one I took that night. And, it’s actually two shots merged so as to get the detail of the moon. Enjoy. Remember, you can click on an image to get a larger version.

Redwood Regional Park

This East Bay Park is a gem hidden away in the hills above Oakland. It’s less than 20 miles from San Francisco yet it feels like I’ve driven into the mountains. There’s redwood trees, wild flowers and other trees in abundance. Great hike even if you’re not carrying a camera. Learn more about the park here.

I spent a few hours there last week. Among other things, I was testing my new 18-135mm lens – this was its first real landscape outing. I got to say, in spite of my neutral review earlier, I’m happy with the lens so far. For more from the day, see this gallery. Strangely given the name of the park – and there are lots of redwoods, no redwood images made the cut.


I wanted to get some early morning images – hoping for a foggy day. I got overcast but not dense fog. I wandered around the Presidio with some side trips – including coffee at Simple Pleasures. It was a classic outing. Looking at the images on the camera I was really excited – getting great stuff today. Later, looking at the images after importing them into Lightroom – well, not great but useful. Even later, after editing, OK not even very good. Still…

I put the camera into Black and White mode for the shoot. That means in the view finder I see B&W but I’m still capturing RAW images. While I haven’t been a big fan of B&W, I find doing this to be creative. I’m seeing things in a different light. (groan)

One thing that comes up about this it what’s the best way to convert to B&W? There are lots of ways. So I compared the ones I can do on one image just to see how that goes. You can see my thoughts on this here.

Joining the Video Generation

I’ve been learning about video and YouTube, et al. You can see one of my experiments here – This is part of my show at Canessa Gallery in March. It’s interesting stuff but, as you can see, I’m still learning.

Sunrise on the Embarcadero

Looking for a photo opportunity I walked the Embarcadero today at sunrise. Well, OK, if you want to be picky, I missed the actual sunrise by a little bit. And while I’m calling this new gallery Embarcadero Sunrise, it might be more accurate to call it Reflections. Check it out. And, you might notice I’ve changed the blog design a little. Among other things, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram without being on either one. Just click on the “Social” tab above.