Monterey Bay

20160720G-4765I spent a couple of days at Pajaro Dunes. I managed to catch some wildlife photos – sadly, no whales yet again – but I did get a full moon and lots of birds. Apparently it’s not my place to see whales up close. I did some some spouting but it wasn’t anywhere close enough for me to get a picture. Still, lots of birds.

I did the early AM thing at Moss Landing yet again. Since it was clear, I could see the full moon setting so that was a bonus.20160721G-5189 The fishing boats were just returning to harbor around sunrise. Based on the number of pelicans flying around, I assume the fishing was good but I have no idea.

My favorite shots from the trip are here. Enjoy.

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Cowell-Purisma Trail

20160709G-4199Remember my blank trip to the Cowell-Purisma Trail back in March? I made it to the trail this time. It’s only open on week-ends so I arose early and traveled down the coast. Turns out, I had to wait for the gate to be opened. Maybe I was too early. As you can see from the image, it was a little on the foggy side. I only covered about half the trail from the south side. 20160709G-4295One problem is that the bluffs are unstable – that means stay back from the edge – and from the trail the ocean is not visible. There are no paths to the beach until the far northern end. So I didn’t get a lot. Here’s another shot from today. I might explore the northern end some more but I didn’t find the hike to be particularly picturesque.

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Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

20160617G-3983Still working on the San Mateo Coast. I wanted a couple more shots of Fitzgerald so I went down early in the morning. Took a brief hike at Pillar Point Bluff County Park, then went to Fitzgerald. The time to visit Fitzgerald is at low tide but that time didn’t work for me so I managed to get there at high tide. I did get some scenic shots of the park and some seals taking a nap on the beach. I’m not good at identifying seals but I think they are harbor seals. 20160617G-4007 Feel free to correct me. One thing that surprised me was that it seemed the seals would look at me when the shutter clicked. At least a couple of them would look in my direction when I took a picture. I was at least 70 meters away and above them so I can’t be sure. The picture on the left gives you an idea how far away I was but remember, it was taken with a wide-angle lens so it is misleading.

You can see the other shots from the day here.

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Fog in Pescadero

Down the coast…again. I wanted to get more photos for my San Mateo Coast portfolio. Still do. Turned out the weather was what one might call foggy. As in, I couldn’t tell the difference between sunset and sunrise. Well, there is that early in the morning thing for sunrise but other than that. I spent all my time at Pescadero State Beach – which includes Pescadero Marsh – and Bean Hollow State Beach along with Pebble Beach which is a part of Bean Hollow. There’s only so many pictures I can make of a foggy ocean – imagination failure – so I did some long exposure things and the “move the camera” stuff. Some of those shots made the finals. You can see the shots from the trip here.2016-05-12_08-55-20

Once again, I stopped for coffee at Downtown Local in, would you believe, downtown Pescadero. You might recall, since you are a follower of REZPhotography, I posted a picture of the Apple II they have. They have good espresso and, I discovered this vending machine while looking around. Hmm.

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Inscapes – a new portfolio

20071213G-6702I’ve started a new portfolio that I’m calling “Inscapes.” The term “inscape,” coined by poet Gerard Manley Hopkins[b-1844 – d- 1889], is used to suggest ‘a quasi-mystical illumination, a sudden perception of that deeper pattern, order, and unity which gives meaning to external forms.’ Manley derived the word from the ideas of the medieval philosopher Duns Scotus. Read more here. In visual art, it is especially associated with certain works of Chilean artist Roberto Matta.

I first heard the word at the San Francisco Symphony performance of Copland’s “Inscape.” This portfolio is intended to reveal deeper patterns in nature. You can view the portfolio here.

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