I came across an interesting article on the Fuji Rumors website recently. The idea, making your own profile(s) for your camera, isn’t new but there are 133 profile settings for Fuji cameras on one spreadsheet. See here for the spreadsheet. Given that I’m, like everyone else, stuck at home I thought it would be interesting to try out one of the profiles to see how it works. #79, PE Winogrand seemed to be an interesting one. The image is my (simple) test setup. (click on an image to get the larger size.) Read more »

I’ve started working with video a little. It’s a real learning experience for me. My first attempts range from downright horrible to just barely OK. Among other things, question of what app to use for processing the videos has been a trip.

Here‘s some of my thoughts on this. This is not a review.

Some time ago I quit Facebook over the privacy issue. I don’t regret that decision; recently it seems to be a better decision than I thought. Politicians are allowed to lie on Facebook but the rest of us can’t. Doesn’t sound like free speech to me; sounds like a way to make more money.

I am still on Instagram. Someone was quoted as saying, “Leaving Facebook and staying on Instagram is like being a vegan but having bacon on your salad.” I agree but …

I have been a Twitter user also. Their most recent Terms of Service seems to say if I put an image on Twitter, they own it. See here for more about this. Some say this isn’t really a change but I’m not going to be putting images on Twitter until I learn more.

So, if you want to follow me, your choices will be Flickr, Instagram, or my website – rez.photography

Obviously, if you’re reading this, you know how to find my blog.

Recently, Adobe “tested” new pricing for the “Creative Cloud Photography” plan. The price – for those unfortunate enough to purchase during the test, was $19.99/month. That was a factor of 2 increase in the price. While Adobe ended the test, it motivated me to test the alternatives once again. And, the appropriate quote here is “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.”

Couple of things about this: One, I suspect Adobe was looking at price elasticity. I don’t even know someone who works at Adobe let alone what the company might do but that seems like a reasonable idea. My guess is that they will increase the price but perhaps by a smaller amount. Even so, time to look around. Later: As of November 3, 2019 the price is still $10/month. Nevertheless, he persisted.

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