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I rejoined Lenswork recently. One service available on the website is to submit a portfolio for review. There’s a sample review available so I checked it out. I found it interesting and helpful even though it wasn’t my work being

Arastradero Preserve

I’ve always liked the Pearson-Arastradero Preserve. It’s an easy hike with a lot of California Oak trees scattered around the Preserve. I caught a really nice day there albeit without a lot of flowers, just the magnificent Oak trees. Still,

Mori Point

I thought the spring flowers might be blooming down the coast so I went to Mori Point – part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The flowers had not made much of an appearance yet so I just did

Presidio Morning

After all the urban photography, I wanted to get back into landscape photography. I headed for the Presidio the other morning but veered off course to capture a few images of the Golden Gate bridge. I happened to get there

DNG Conversion

I’ve been rethinking my workflow recently. Here are some of my thoughts on using DNGs. 3/27/18 – I updated this to cover the case of not converting to DNGs but setting up the destination for the images outside of Lightroom.