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Canessa Gallery – March Events

My “Grant Avenue Vernacular” show starts with the North Beach First Friday, March 2. Make an evening of it in North Beach and catch up with the North Beach art scene. Canessa will be open from 6:30pm until 9pm. Stop

Fuji 18-135mm Lens

I decided to try out the 18-135mm lens. I’ve been thinking about this lens since I purchased the X-T1. Just the range alone makes it interesting. My favorite Canon lens, back in the day when I was a Canon shooter,

Another Street – The Embarcadero

I’m adding the third street to my Streets of San Francisco portfolio. The Embarcadero is the eastern edge of San Francisco. It was, to a great extent, the home of shipping in San Francisco. Most shipping moved to Oakland years

Grant Vernacular

My new gallery – “Grant Vernacular” – was inspired by a visit to SFMOMA where the Walker Evans exhibition is showing. In particular, there’s a sign within the exhibition reading, “From the early 1920s, most of Evans photographs took the

A little night photography

I wanted to add some work to my Grant Ave. portfolio so I covered a short part of the street – mostly North Beach with a little Chinatown thrown in – at night. You can see the Gallery here. As