Author: Richard

More on 35mm f/2 lens

Begining to like the 35mm lens. Handles well, focuses quickly and is very sharp. The cons are the lack of image stabilization and the limitations of a prime lens. Maybe I’m just to used to zoom lenses but I find

More Lens Testing.

You might recall I tested the Fuji 35mm f/1.4 lens last year. I decided to take a look at the f/2 version. It gets good reviews and is weather-resistant besides not to mention $200 less than the f/1.4 version. Just

July 4 Walk-Around

I wanted to test some ideas out so I walked around for a while just doing my type of street photography. This gallery is some of my favorites from the walk. No, nothing particular about the 4th, just random stuff.

Angel Island

I took the ferry to Angel Island for a somewhat different photographic experience. While Angel Island, a state park, features great views, my destination was the Immigration Station. This trip was inspired by my visit to the Chinese Historical Society’s

Rainy Day

I had planned to hike the Headlands today but that didn’t seem like a great idea since the forecast is for heavy rains. Instead, I spend an hour or so in the San Francisco Botanical Garden – also known as