Author: Richard

More on RAW Processing

I have continued ‘testing’ RAW convertors. Since Capture 1 Express doesn’t work for me and because Skylum introduced Luminar with Libraries I decided to compare Lightroom/Photoshop, On1-2109 and Luminar 3. I’m surprised by what I’ve found Couple of things: I’m

RAW Conversion

In an attempt to evaluate RAW conversion apps, I converted and compared several images in three apps.  Lightroom(and Photoshop), Luminar 2018 and Capture One Express for Fuji.  Part of my motivation was to get around the ‘worms’ problem with Lightroom. 

Rainy Day at Stow Lake

Finally! The rain cleaned up our air and it’s safer to go outside again. I was so happy to get out that the hard rain didn’t discourage me at all. In fact, I saw it as a chance to test

Autumn at Devil’s Gulch

I returned to Devil’s Gulch last week.  See the California State Parks website for more info.  Note Devil’s Gulch is west of the main park entrance.  This has been a favorite place for me for quite a while.  I think

Monterey Bay

This comes under the heading, “better late than never.” I spent a week on the edge of Monterey Bay late in July. Always a great place. There were, of course, dramatic sunsets, fog shrouded mornings and plentiful wild life. For