Pacific Sunset at Agate Beach <br />Newport, Oregon
Pacific Sunset at Agate Beach Newport, Oregon

I find water to be a source of inspiration.  When I’m near an ocean, a river or a small tumbling creek, I get a special feeling, like meditation.  Hearing the water and watching the reflections of light are a satisfying experience.  It’s a bonus if I make a good picture of that scene.

The coast has a particularly strong attraction for me.  The ocean can take on moods or reflect my mood.  Sunsets are a time of great beauty, offering a chance to look back and reflect on the past.  And what is more fitting than a lighthouse barely visible in the fog to represent solitude?

I want my pictures to be more than a basic capture of a scene.  The camera never records a moment exactly the way I experienced it.  Cameras are not eyes and they will never achieve the same results as a human eye. But there’s something else that doesn’t come from the camera.

Landscape photographer Bill Neill says, “Whether using film or digital, the untouched results[from the camera] aren’t ‘reality’ or what the eye sees. In addition,the unadjusted capture probably has little emotional connection to, as Ansel[Adams] put it, what the photographer saw and felt about the scene.”

That’s my goal: to refine a picture until it looks close to what I was feeling when I made the capture. Hopefully my pictures capture some of those feelings for you.

I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer with a special interest in the ocean coast in the San Francisco Bay Area. Five years ago I received my first digital camera as a gift, and since then have combined my background in computers and interest in the ocean coast with a passion for photography.

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