Stepping back …

I have, for a long time, been interested in a fast 35mm lens. At various times, I’ve tested the Fuji f/1.4 35mm and the Fuji f/2 35mm lens. Both are extremely good. One advantage to the f/2 version is that it is weather resistant. The other advantage is that it is $200 less than the f/1.4.

One problem – for me – is that I didn’t think I would use a prime lens enough to justify the cost of acquiring one. I did purchase one of the fast, inexpensive 35mm lens but returned it after two hours. I couldn’t get a sharp image in controlled conditions. Not naming the maker because I’m still not sure it was the lens or the photographer. One problem with the third party lens was that it was completely manual. Still think that would be OK but couldn’t make it work for me.

Fuji recently changed the game by introducing the f/2 XC35mm lens which is ‘only’ $200. Reviewers seem to agree that the XC35 optics are the same as the XF35mm f/2. While I can’t say that I can say the XC35 seems to be sharp as the XF35. Here’s the downside – it’s a plastic housing without weather sealing.

I have been using the XC35 on my X-T1 as a ‘street photo’ setup. Works great. It’s fast, light and, with the XT-1, makes an unobtrusive package for street work. See this page for more samples.