In my last post, I outlined the idea of using custom profiles in the Fuji world. My goal was to match the “Winogrand” profile I found. That profile is based on the Fuji built-in profile for ACROS. If, like me, you were never really a film person, ACROS is a B/W file made by Fuji. Among other things, I compared the ACROS profile between the Fuji in-camera JPG ACROS and Capture One’s implementation. They were close.

Now, I see the DPReview guys compared the actual film results with the in-camera profile. I can’t show you their results but the executive summary is, “The profile is not the same as the in-camera JPG.”

In fact, I think the Winogrand profile is closer to the film than the camera profile. I find that strange. Check it out and see what you think.