Using Custom Profiles

I came across an interesting article on the Fuji Rumors website recently. The idea, making your own profile(s) for your camera, isn’t new but there are 133 profile settings for Fuji cameras on one spreadsheet. See here for the spreadsheet. Given that I’m, like everyone else, stuck at home I thought it would be interesting to try out one of the profiles to see how it works. #79, PE Winogrand seemed to be an interesting one. The image is my (simple) test setup. (click on an image to get the larger size.)

So, obviously Winogrand used Black and White. The starting profile is ACROS. I could just compare the OOTC jpegs but – remember, I have lots of time – I wanted to see how close I could come to the result using Capture One and Silver Effects Pro. That introduces another variable – how closely does OOTC ACROS jpeg match Capture One’s ACROS? Let’s see. The OOTC jpeg blacks are a little darker than the C1 version. The black on the Color Chart has luminosity of 5.1 while the C1 version is 11.8. And yes, you could make an adjustment for that in C1. I didn’t process any of these images for contrast etc.

Now, let’s compare OOTC ACROS to the OOTC – Winogrand setting. As you can see, there’s less contrast in the Winogrand image with more noise,uh, grain. So you could stop there but what fun would that be?

So, I used a RAF version of the same image, converted it to ACROS, then processed it in Silver Effects Pro to see how close I could come to the OOTC Winogrand settings. The idea being I could shoot RAFs then convert to Winogrand later. Not entirely clear that’s an advantage.
Here’s the result. Obviously, I need a third attempt – the grain is too coarse in my version. However, I think the idea works but I need more practice.

Addendum 3/29/20 And, then it occurred to me. Why use anything but Capture One? Another thing to look at is how Lightroom and Capture One compare. I’ll leave the LR compare as an exercise for the reader. So on we go…

This image compares my Capture One version with the OOTC Winogrand jpg. It’s pretty close and, of course, didn’t require a round trip to Silver Effects. So I now have a preset in Capture One for this. Will I use it? Maybe.

Here’s an image of a four shots used here. The OOTC Winogrand is different from the others – As I said, I need to work on this some more.

Stay safe out there – well, I mean in there. You’re not out wandering around, right?