Capture One update

Recently, Adobe “tested” new pricing for the “Creative Cloud Photography” plan. The price – for those unfortunate enough to purchase during the test, was $19.99/month. That was a factor of 2 increase in the price. While Adobe ended the test, it motivated me to test the alternatives once again. And, the appropriate quote here is “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.”

Couple of things about this: One, I suspect Adobe was looking at price elasticity. I don’t even know someone who works at Adobe let alone what the company might do but that seems like a reasonable idea. My guess is that they will increase the price but perhaps by a smaller amount. Even so, time to look around. Later: As of November 3, 2019 the price is still $10/month. Nevertheless, he persisted.

Two. If you read my page on RAW convertors you will note I rejected Capture One Express because of unexplained serious crashes. I did some more research on this. My images are, for the most part, stored on a NAS. I used Apple’s AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) to connect to the disk. I’ve lost the reference now but someone indicated CaptureOne has problems with AFP and for NAS, it was better to use SMB (Server Message Block). BTW, Apple deprecated AFP sometime ago so I was behind the times. I switched over to SMB for my NAS and downloaded another copy of CaptureOne Express. It was version 12.0; my previous test used 11.x. Since changing the protocol my system(Mojave) has crashed a few times but it’s not possible to say it was CaptureOne or something else. Is it SMB or version 12? I don’t know. Either way, CaptureOne was back in the comparison. And, in another strange twist I found that the current version of SMB fails when attempting to backup to my NAS using Carbon Copy Cloner. The ‘twist’ is AFP works fine.

Three, this will not just be about RAW conversions and, in fact, going to mostly be about other things. My opinion of the RAW conversions hasn’t changed since the original post. While Lightroom does have problems with Fuji files, I think you have to look at the entire process – DAM, Develop, Print… Taking on Adobe is uphill for its competitors.

Also, you might want to check out Matt Kloskowski’s free ‘tutorial’ on switching. See here
I’ll put together more on this later.