San Bruno Mountain

San Bruno Mountain– a state and county park – usually has a lot of spring flowers. So, I went there thinking of hiking the Saddle Trail – great views, easy hike and probably some flowers. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very good for hiking up the hill – it was blowing like crazy and cold. I opted for a trail lower and somewhat protected; the Bog trail. That wasn’t a bad choice and I managed to get a few shots. The weather forced me to use higher ISO than I wanted to – had to stop the bouncing flowers – but not all that high given the X-T3s capabilities. I converted some of the images to B/W – here’s one example. For post-processing, I used Lightroom and the new feature “Enhance Details…” Enhance Details, at least in theory, improves Fuji X-Tran files. More on that later. In this case, I did not use it for every image. In particular, not the B/W ones. The Cow Parsnip above was processed with Enhance details.

You can see more of the images from the day here.