Duality — a new exhibit with Stephen Kane

The show closed on April 24.   Didn’t make the show?  See a video of the show here.

Photography and Photo Art

Stephen Kane and Richard Zimmerman

Canessa Gallery 708 Montgomery Street San Francisco

For more about Stephen Kane see his website.

About Duality 

Duality. If we’re honest, our exhibit title didn’t come from deeply exploring the work in question, or wanting to make a tortured art-historical statement. No, more than anything it just seemed a nice word for invoking the number two. Two photographers wanted to put on a show. Presto: Duality

Nevertheless, dualities there are. Color/black-and-white. Representation/abstraction. The inner made outer. And, the difference in artistic approach, technique, and vision that is bound to arise from two people walking the world in two different bodies

In the end, photography itself has a basic duality at its core. It is this: A medium that we accept, on one level, as a simple transmitter of reality, is by its nature a distorter of that reality. Black-and-white photography is itself an abstraction. Color in photography varies from film to film. The all-important frame can include and exclude. The lens can focus, blur, stretch, compact, and distort. And the darkroom – now digital darkroom – can darken or lighten, invert tones, saturate selectively, add emphases, and subtract distractions.

So, surprise: An exhibit of photography is bound to involve duality. So, great title! Enjoy.