In the Clouds

So two things have happened since we last ‘spoke.’ One, I now have a Fujifilm X-T3. Great camera…I think – I’m still getting familiar with it. More on that in a later post.

The other thing is that Adobe released an update to Lightroom that sounded great. There’s a new feature, “Enhance Detail..” that, at least according to Adobe, yields much better results with Fuji X-Trans images. It works with other formats also but, hey, who cares?

So I anxiously started to update Lightroom. Oops. Turns out, at a minimum, it requires High Sierra on a Mac. I’m running Sierra on my desktop Mac Pro (Yes, I do have valid reasons). However, my handy MacBook Pro doesn’t have the same limitations so I decided to update it to High Sierra. Two hours later, I’m ready to update Lightroom. That time included downloading an update to High Sierra but not downloading the 5gig+ basic copy since I had previously downloaded that.

So, I’m ready to update Photoshop/Lightroom. An hour later, I have it but can’t find the new feature.  Finally, I find it; hint, in ACR it’s that little film symbol on the top left hand corner; in Lightroom it’s under the “Photo” menu. However, the new version of Photoshop can’t open RAW files.  Hmm.  So, and here’s something I don’t recommend, I went on chat with Adobe.  1.5 hours later (the person could have helped me with a link and a couple of sentences.) having allowed the support person to connect to my machine, it appeared to work.  If you’re keeping score, I’m up to 4.5 hours now.  At least, I should say, it seemed to work before the Adobe person left but, here’s a hint – my images are stored on a NAS box. The ones the Adobe person worked on were ones I put on the desktop.   When I attempted to open a file that’s stored on my network drive. I found it couldn’t be done.  Searched around on that internet thing I have and found that was a common problem.  The solution?  Downgrade to the previous version of ACR -11.1.  Another two hours down the drain. I am far from the only one who has encountered this problem. Check out

There’s another problem that seems to be related to this one. If you attempt to “Edit in Photoshop” from Lightroom, you’ll get an error that the file can’t be found. Downgrading to ACR 11.1 fixed that also.

But, you say, what about the new feature? Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t make much, if any, of a difference in my images. First, it really doesn’t work at all on my laptop. Not enough performance, I assume. The result when I ran it was an image with random black squares in the image. I have access to a iMac that has a Radeon 580 GPU and a 3.8GHz CPU. So I activated that and ran Enhance Details on that. Ran fine but I can’t see a difference between the enhanced version and the un-enhanced version. I used several different images and couldn’t really say I saw an improvement.

Beats me. Meanwhile, the iMac was so much better than my old Mac Pro running Lightroom and Photoshop, I’m looking into performance improvements for my Mac Pro, Enhance Detail not withstanding. YMMV.