Full Moon Fever

I like to shoot the moon the night before it’s actually touted as the full moon. That way, the contrast between the sky and the moon is not as great. So…I went to Pier 27 and waited for the moon to rise on the 28th. Note that “The Photographer’s Ephemeris” states the moon on the 28th was “waxing gibbous” and 99.7% of full. I can deal with the missing 0.3%. While I waited for the moon to make its appearance, I shot Alcatraz with the sunset lighting up the sky.

Moonrise was a little muted because the haze over the water. This shot was close to the last one I took that night. And, it’s actually two shots merged so as to get the detail of the moon. Enjoy. Remember, you can click on an image to get a larger version.