I wanted to get some early morning images – hoping for a foggy day. I got overcast but not dense fog. I wandered around the Presidio with some side trips – including coffee at Simple Pleasures. It was a classic outing. Looking at the images on the camera I was really excited – getting great stuff today. Later, looking at the images after importing them into Lightroom – well, not great but useful. Even later, after editing, OK not even very good. Still…

I put the camera into Black and White mode for the shoot. That means in the view finder I see B&W but I’m still capturing RAW images. While I haven’t been a big fan of B&W, I find doing this to be creative. I’m seeing things in a different light. (groan)

One thing that comes up about this it what’s the best way to convert to B&W? There are lots of ways. So I compared the ones I can do on one image just to see how that goes. You can see my thoughts on this here.