Fuji 18-135mm Lens

I decided to try out the 18-135mm lens. I’ve been thinking about this lens since I purchased the X-T1. Just the range alone makes it interesting. My favorite Canon lens, back in the day when I was a Canon shooter, was the 24-105mm f/4 lens. Great lens. The Fuji 18-135 extends that range so it seems like a natural. However, it’s not as fast coming in at f/3.5 to f/5.6. And, as always seems to be so with variable aperture lenses, f/3.5 only at the widest focal length. The lens has OIS and is weather resistant. Fuji claims five stops of stabilization and that might be accurate. I handheld this shot at 1/7 second. The walker is blurred out but the pizza shop signs are fairly sharp. The aperture was f/4.7, ISO 3200. And I’m not that stable – talking holding a camera here – so that’s pretty good.

So, the pluses are the range, the weather sealing and the image stabilization. The negatives are the speed and the cost. I also note that some reviews note the lens is not really sharp wide open. I’d agree with that. It gets much better up around f/8 to f/11. If you’re a hard core pixel peeper, maybe it’s not for you. Still, I was able to capture quite a few images in low light that I find acceptable. I did note the lens seemed slower to focus than my others. That seems to be different than what most reviews have found. The particular copy of the lens I rented was ‘sticky’ when zooming. I assume that’s just the copy I had.

You can see my examples here and here.