Streets of San Francisco: Grant Avenue

The start

Some time ago, it was suggested to me that an interesting walk in San Francisco is to walk Grant Ave. from beginning to end. Grant starts at Market Street and continues to Pier 39 with one interruption – there is no 2100 block.

The End

It starts in the Union Square/Financial District, changes to the so-called “main street of Chinatown” where it is known as Dupont Gai, takes on another personality as it crosses Broadway becoming a North Beach street lined with bars and restaurants and finally morphing once more into a residential street at Filbert. It’s a great cross section of San Francisco.

I’ve started a project called “Streets of San Francisco” that, maybe, will not just be about Grant Ave. but will include other streets I find interesting. The first gallery in the project is here. This is just the first pass; I expect to add and change the gallery over the next few weeks.