Cowell-Purisma Trail

20160709G-4199Remember my blank trip to the Cowell-Purisma Trail back in March? I made it to the trail this time. It’s only open on week-ends so I arose early and traveled down the coast. Turns out, I had to wait for the gate to be opened. Maybe I was too early. As you can see from the image, it was a little on the foggy side. I only covered about half the trail from the south side. 20160709G-4295One problem is that the bluffs are unstable – that means stay back from the edge – and from the trail the ocean is not visible. There are no paths to the beach until the far northern end. So I didn’t get a lot. Here’s another shot from today. I might explore the northern end some more but I didn’t find the hike to be particularly picturesque.