Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

20160617G-3983Still working on the San Mateo Coast. I wanted a couple more shots of Fitzgerald so I went down early in the morning. Took a brief hike at Pillar Point Bluff County Park, then went to Fitzgerald. The time to visit Fitzgerald is at low tide but that time didn’t work for me so I managed to get there at high tide. I did get some scenic shots of the park and some seals taking a nap on the beach. I’m not good at identifying seals but I think they are harbor seals. 20160617G-4007 Feel free to correct me. One thing that surprised me was that it seemed the seals would look at me when the shutter clicked. At least a couple of them would look in my direction when I took a picture. I was at least 70 meters away and above them so I can’t be sure. The picture on the left gives you an idea how far away I was but remember, it was taken with a wide-angle lens so it is misleading.

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