Fog in Pescadero

Down the coast…again. I wanted to get more photos for my San Mateo Coast portfolio. Still do. Turned out the weather was what one might call foggy. As in, I couldn’t tell the difference between sunset and sunrise. Well, there is that early in the morning thing for sunrise but other than that. I spent all my time at Pescadero State Beach – which includes Pescadero Marsh – and Bean Hollow State Beach along with Pebble Beach which is a part of Bean Hollow. There’s only so many pictures I can make of a foggy ocean – imagination failure – so I did some long exposure things and the “move the camera” stuff. Some of those shots made the finals. You can see the shots from the trip here.2016-05-12_08-55-20

Once again, I stopped for coffee at Downtown Local in, would you believe, downtown Pescadero. You might recall, since you are a follower of REZPhotography, I posted a picture of the Apple II they have. They have good espresso and, I discovered this vending machine while looking around. Hmm.