A Hard Rain’s A-gonna fall…

20160115G-1534With apologies to Bob Dylan. I went down the San Mateo Coast hoping for one good sunset and one good sunrise. I was rewarded with driving rain instead of a sunset and clear skies at sunrise. No way could I capture anything at sunset and clear skies don’t result in the most dramatic sunrises. OK, enough with the whining.

I was at Pigeon Point for the sunrise – this is the first time I’ve been there at dawn. So I added several images to my Pigeon Point ‘series.’ I was essentially camped in Ano Neuvo State Park – actually Costonoa – but didn’t attempt to get to the seals – you need a reservation this time of year. Due to the rain, I didn’t do much with the rest of the park but there are photo opportunities there. Maybe next trip.

IMG_0670On the way down the coast, I stopped in Pescadero. There’s a coffee place there, “Downtown Local,” that serves Sightglass coffee. Pretty good. The image at the left is from Downtown Local. (It’s an Apple II for those of you unfamiliar with high-powered computers.) There’s lots of stuff like that in the (small) place.

You can see a few of my favorites from the trip here.