Big Sur

20151209-9998I recently returned from five days in Big Sur.  I took a class – in photography, duh – with Eddie Soloway.  Very good class with a lot of excellent photographers who were very creative.  Really helps motivate me to do better.  While we didn’t go to locations as a group, we did hit many of the ‘biggies’ in Big Sur – I was at Pfeiffer Beach(Note: Pfeiffer Beach is not a state park.), Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, 20151212-1061-1 Julia Pfeiffer State Park ( ignored McWay Falls this time) and Garrapata State Park.  All presented excellent photographic opportunities due the dramatic weather.  There were great sunsets, a couple of so-so sunrises, huge waves and lots of reflections with the sun between rain showers.  You can see some of my favorite shots from the trip here.