Moss Landing

20150818G-9231Repeating a trip I made last year, I went to Moss Landing for a day to see if I could capture an image of all those whales I keep reading about.  It was not to be.  Much like Captain Ahab, I seemed to be doomed to continue the search.  Not that there wasn’t a lot of wildlife around, just no whales within seeing distance.  Last year, I thought I had missed a lot of shots but this year I missed even more.  One thing is that last year I was working with a 140 to 400mm lens; this year, not so much.  I have the 55-200mm on the Fuji and, while it’s a good lens, it just doesn’t have the reach the 400mm had.  Still, that would not have changed anything – there weren’t any whales to see.  You can see what I did capture here.  There’s some bonus shots of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse I captured on the way home up the coast.