Moonrise near San Francisco

20150630G-7073 I wanted to catch a full moon rising over the City but couldn’t go last night. So, I went to Fort Baker on Tuesday to see how the nearly full moon turned out. Not bad. One thing about that is the City lights aren’t on yet when the moon comes up so it’s not quite as spectacular but, hey, you work with what you get. There was a sliver of fog moving in and that separated the moon from the City. Made for an interesting shot. The East Bay was cloudy so I didn’t see the moon until almost 45 minutes after “moonrise.” This shot is the first of the moon.

While I was waiting, I took various shots of boats passing by. However, remembering to turn around and look the other way led to this shot. 20150630G-7089-HDR This is an HDR image. I used version 6.1 of Lightroom. While it’s certainly convenient, I don’t think it is as good as Enfuse, the free software I’ve been using. More on that later.

You can view some shots from the night on my Recent Work portfolio.