San Mateo Coast – Gray Whale SB

20150624G-6639 I visited Gray Whale Cove SB earlier this week. Nice beach. There were surfers getting ready but nobody in the water while I was there. I stayed on the west side of 1 but there are trails on the east side you might want to follow. And, about that east side thing: parking is on the east side of 1, the beach is on the west side. Early in the morning, all the traffic is heading north. Add in the fact that you can’t see either way for a long distance and it makes crossing the road “interesting.”

I’ve just starting using focus stacking. You can read my thoughts on it here. After I left Gray Whale, I stopped at Devils Slide for a while. This picture is a focus stack. fs-aligned-devils-slide If you look carefully, you can see the clouds moved between exposures. And, of course, the waves moved a lot. Nevertheless, the stack turned out pretty good.

You can see some shots from the day here.