Wide Angle View

20150529G-6264I acquired – legally – a 10-24mm lens for the X-T1. Yesterday, I finally got a chance to try it out. I planned on going out to places like Marshall Beach but got side tracked at Fort Point. Me and all those tourists taking selfies. I skipped taking a selfie. After that, I was too cold to hit the beach.

My first impression of the lens is very good. The shot to the right was taken with the lens set to 10mm( 15mm on the camera). Image quality is very good and it gives me the really wide composition ability when I want it. I saw at least one review where someone complained about how big the lens is – they should lug around my Canon gear for a day. One complaint altho it’s a mild one. Be nice if Fuji could ‘standardize’ on a filter size. Three lenses means three different filter sizes, in my case, 58mm, 62mm and 72mm.

This second shot was in the Fort. And, yes, it has been processed just a little bit. 20150529G-6302-2

You can see a few more shots here including the color version of the cannon.