San Mateo Coast – Año Nuevo

20150504G-5781I went down the coast to Año Nuevo SP hoping to see elephant seals. (See here for more about the seals.) There were several hundred on Bight Beach and quite a few at South Point. You don’t need a reservation this time of year but there are knowledgeable docents at the observation points to explain what’s going on. This picture shows two young males “fighting.” That’s in quotes because the breeding season is over and the young guys wouldn’t have a chance against the big, older guys during breeding season. So the little guys are just getting ready for when their time rolls around.

You can only get within 25 feet of the seals – that’s close enough, look at those teeth. I cropped some of the shots since I was only using a 200mm lens and couldn’t get as close as I wanted … for a shot. There are lots of other attractions at Año Nuevo but for this trip, I just did the nature preserve part. I saved the rest for another day.

You can see my favorite shots from this trip here. Enjoy.