Early Morning

20150316G-4345I was on my way to Marshall Beach this morning – I assumed it was foggy – but then I noticed the sunrise in the rear view mirror. A couple of u-turns later I was at the Crissy overlook seeing a great sunrise. Sadly, there’s a major road building project in the Presidio where, would you believe, they work at night. I had to work around the bright lights to capture the City. Worked out OK, however.

20150316G-4542Then, in the spirit of playing with the X-T1, I went out to Golden Gate Park and put the camera in the “Advanced Mode Orange Filter” – that means it does monochrome images except for one color. The picture on the left was taken in that mode.

I did other experiments also including one picture in which I used a double exposure to make a Orton Effect picture. Cool. That picture and the others from the day can be seen on my Recent Work gallery.