Headlands Sunrise

20150126G-3436-2I decided to capture the sunrise this week.  Note to self – Get up earlier for the sunrise.  I should have been there at least 30 minutes before I did get there.  Still, in spite of a hasty setup, I managed to capture some shots.  Since the color faded before long, I went out toward Point Bonita.  There are a couple of shots from there also.  And I’ve always found the old gun emplacements interesting so there’s a couple of shots from there.  Get out the new gallery on my recent work page.

Another comment about the Fujifilm X-T1.  Installed the new firmware, Version 3.0.  I’m not seeing a lot of differences but there’s some new functions that are useful.  The battery lifetime for the camera continues to be a low point but not a show-stopper.  It was very cold and windy in the Headlands.  I got over 200 shots on one battery but it’s inconsistent.  Cold should equal fewer shots but that didn’t appear to be the case.  I’ve gotten as many as 350 shots on a battery and as few as 120.  Can’t figure it out.  Only solution so far is to make sure all batteries are charged up and that I have enough.