Thoughts on Cameras

As you know, if you follow along here, I’ve been testing ILC cameras.  A couple of times I’ve commented that the ILCs ‘under consideration’ are probably better than my current camera, a Canon 7D.  I decided to try to test that assertion.   This is a decidedly unscientific test and there are caveats.  One, I didn’t have all three cameras at the same time.  That means the test photos were taken at different times.  Two, I was hand-holding all three cameras.  For the 7D, that meant I had to use a higher ISO than the other two cameras just to get a stable shot.  It might be what I really tested here was the image stabilization of the cameras.  Speaking of that, I find it impressive that I got a sharp photo with the M1 at a shutter speed of 1/5 second.  Given the amount of coffee I drink, that’s really good. The 7D is a 2009 camera while the other two are late 2013 or early 2014 cameras.  Technology does move along.

So here are the test images(click on an image to see a larger version).  The images are 100% crops of the same scene.  I did not process the pictures.  The color mode is set to Adobe Standard for each camera with every adjustment set to default except for color noise which was 25 for each camera.

The 7D image lacks sharpness and has a fairly high noise level.  I suspect the IS for the 24-105mm lens was not quite up to the task which would account for at least some of the lack of sharpness. I might try another shot but with a tripod just to see what happens.  Still, the argument that I didn’t need a tripod with either the M1 or the T1 is a strong argument for buying a new camera.  While it’s not obvious from these jpeg crops, the T1 bests the M1 on noise.

Conclusion:  May be time to sell the 7D.  As to the T1 vs M1?  I could be happy with either one.  Really like the M1 when shooting.  The T1 has somewhat better image quality.  Here’s a quote from a review I found on the web: ” For those that have a hard time picking between the two(the M1 and T1), I would certainly agree that it would be an agonizing choice.”  You can say that again.