Monterey Bay

Cracked Crab for lunch

After hearing and reading about whale sightings around Moss Landing, I had to take a shot at capturing some images of whales.  I spent slightly less than 24 hours there.  I’m back with a new level of respect for photographers who capture those great wildlife photos we’ve all seen.  I’m not ready for prime time yet.  The whales – and, yes, there were lots of them – were a little far out for my equipment.  So there’s only one whale picture in the new recent work gallery.  And, you need to read “Sherman’s Lagoon” today to see a joke about such pictures.  Still, any time I learn something, it’s a good thing.

There were lots of animals other than whales there.  Pelicans, White Pelicans, Least Terns, seals and, of course, otters. Not many of my shots turned out but the Least Tern was a fascinating bird to watch.  [Full disclosure:  I’m not a bird expert so my identification of the white bird as a Least Tern could be incorrect.]  The Least Tern hovers over a spot, then dives into the water.  I captured one hovering and just before it hits the water.  One of my better shots from the trip.  You can look at a few images from the trip here.  (If it’s not a Least Tern, let me know, OK?)