Another X-T1 feature

_DSF5498I returned the X-T1 today but yesterday I discovered a feature that I really like.  Some background here: Many Canon lenses have a feature called “full-time manual focus.”  Basically, I can put the camera in auto-focus mode, then use the the manual focus to tweak the focal point if I want to.   I have also ‘disconnected’ focusing from shutter release.  I hit the AF-ON button to focus, then compose and release the shutter with usual shutter button.  Easy to do with Canon equipment.

I was under the impression the full-time manual focus wasn’t possible with the X-T1 but I was wrong. It works somewhat differently but it’s there.  The procedure is to place the camera in manual focus mode.  The AE-L button still auto focus the camera so I hit the AE-L, compose, then tweak the focus if I need to manually.  Way cool Fujifilm.

I also like the Velvia look.  Adobe Lightroom supports camera profiles for the X-T1 so it’s easy to get that look when post-processing raw images.  Not every image is improved using Velvia obviously.

I like the look enough that I managed to find a Lightroom profile on the internet that I can use with my Canon images; the profile is pretty close to the Lightroom X-T1 profile.

Overall, the Fujifilm X-T1 is an impressive camera.  I’d like see a review of the new 18-135mm lens that is Fujifilm’s first weather-sealed lens for the camera just released.  Not sure that I’ll try out another camera at this point; the X-T1 is that good.