Devil’s Slide

Devil's Slide Trail
Devil’s Slide Trail

There’s a new trail in the San Mateo County Parks system – Devil’s Slide. The opening was March 27 but, assuming you live in the Bay Area, you’ve been there before. The Trail is the old Highway 1 that was closed when the Tunnel opened. I made down there yesterday. It’s a great hike albeit not a long one – 1.3 miles one way.

One catch is that the northern parking lot can only be reached if you are driving south on 1. The southern lot can be accessed from either direction on 1. Be aware, there is only a small parking lot and the trail is very popular right now.

As a bonus – both for you and for me – I also did the Pillar Point Bluff trail. That’s the one that overlooks the world famous Maverick’s surfing spot but don’t think about trying to watch the event from there. They block it off during the contest. That’s a great hike also.

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