Eastern Sierra and Mono Lake

Near Virginia Lakes
Near Virginia Lakes
I spent a few days in the Mono Lake area hoping for some fall color. Sometimes, you get what you wish for. I managed to be there when the weather was great. Made for good hikes and lots of colors – so long as you like yellow and a tinge of orange once in a while. And a sunset that was just unbelievable – I captured that sunset from the rim of Panum Crater. The sunrise the next day was said to be great also but, unfortunately, I didn’t make it out that early. Next time.

I drove across the Sierras on 120. Coming back, Yosemite was closed. All the parking areas were fenced off and there were no people around. I was the only person in Touloumne Meadows – that I could see at any rate. Interesting experience. Of course, I just drove through no matter how tempting it was to stop.

Some of my favorite shots from the trip are here. If you have been following along, you know I was in the same area four years ago. There’s a gallery on my site featuring pictures from that trip. I’m in the process of updating that gallery with some of the new pictures plus removing some of the older ones.

And, stay tuned for an important announcement before too long.