America’s Cup Finals

Oracle - Team USA
Oracle – Team USA
I, once again, went down to Crissy Field to catch the America’s Cup Finals. Thursday was races six and seven. Unfortunately, I overlooked the fact that – since it’s now the real America’s Cup – there were a lot of other people there. The problem wasn’t the people on the beach. The problem was, from a photographer’s point of view, that boats are allowed to anchor just off-shore between the beach and race course. So it was difficult to find a spot to catch the action. I ended up taking a lot of pictures of boats I found interesting. You can see the pictures here.

New Zealand won both races. They only need three more wins to take the Cup home. I doubt that Team USA can pull this one out of Davey Jones’ Locker. The Kiwis are blowing away Oracle on the upwind legs. Consider these numbers. New Zealand’s average margin on the upwind leg has been 37.05 seconds. Their average margin of victory has been 40.9 seconds. And Team USA won one race. Oracle has done well on the starts and down to the leeward gate. After that, it’s all Kiwi.

BTW, I still find these boats amazing. The technology is impressive as are the people sailing them. What, you don’t like technology? So why are you using a computer? Go see if you can find a telegraph. And look up Luddite – just don’t use the internet to do it, OK?