Two San Mateo County Parks

20130516G-5149I visited two San Mateo County Parks yesterday: Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and Sanchez Adobe. Sanchez Adobe is a County Park but is managed by the San Mateo County Historical Association.

Fitzgerald was really busy – me and a bunch of school kids there on a field trip. The preferred time to visit there is low tide and that’s when we were all there. Lots of colors and interesting things to see there. There are seals but it was so hazy I didn’t get a good shot of them.

Sanchez Adobe was built circa 1842. The furnishings are more recent – I think the docent said 1860s or so. It’s an interesting place and the docent was very informative. In contrast to Fitzgerald, I was the only person there.

As a bonus, I stopped at Pillar Point Harbor because I always wanted to shoot the fishing boats in the fog. And there was plenty of fog.

You can see some of my favorite shots here. I made yet another change to the recent work page. Now, you can go back in time. ( Don’t you wish? Would you change something? ) In this case, you can see the last two recent work galleries.