New Galleries

Portola Redwoods State Park
North Beach Doors
I’ve added two galleries to rezPhotography. One features California State Parks that are on the list to be closed this year. There are so many things wrong with closing the parks it’s hard to know where to start criticizing the move – it won’t save any significant amount of money, the parks can’t actually be closed in many cases and so on. Read Protect Our Parks for more info.

The other Gallery is Doors. Why doors? I just find them interesting, that’s why. Doors, of course, have a simple function: they give us privacy and security. But how people decorate their doors is interesting. Add to that, doors often have a symbolic meaning: Consider this quote: “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception” (Aldous Huxley) So, as you look at these doors, consider what hidden meanings they might – or might not – have. What do they hide and what do they reveal? This is a work in progress so check back for updates.