Music – and Photography – in a minor key

Rain Drop
It rained today ending that depressing great weather we’ve been cursed with the past three weeks. Who says music in a minor key is depressing? Well, maybe this guy but besides that?

I went out to Lobos Creek Trail, hoping for some rain drops falling on my head. Be careful what you wish for: when I got there it was raining too much to risk my gear. So – I know you can see what’s coming – I went over to Clement Street for a cuppa coffee and to wait out the shower. Today I went to Royal Ground Coffee, a local chain. Not bad and it has the right level of “not a chain” for me even tho it is a chain.

While I didn’t get a lot of shots, there’s a couple I like on my recent work page. Click on the photo on this post to see the rain drop in the upper third on the leaf. Full disclosure: I didn’t see the rain drop until I saw the picture on a 24″ monitor. 🙂