Tomales Bay State Park

Moss at Tomales Bay
I’ve added Tomales Bay State Park to the Galleries on ProtectOurParks. Tomales Bay State Park is an hour and half from San Francisco. It’s hidden away in the Point Reyes National Seashore. It’s a great park with several interesting hikes. There are beaches for swimming also. It is a good place to launch a kayak;there was a class in progress while I was there. Check out the Galleries on ProtectOurParks for pictures.

The Park is on both the east and west shores of Tomales Bay. The last picture in the Gallery is from the east side;the others are from the west side.

One rumor I saw said that the park might be taken over by Point Reyes National Seashore. While that certainly makes sense,it doesn’t seem as if Congress is any more likely to send money to our parks than our own legislature. In fact, given the dysfunctional way Congress is proceeding,it seems less likely. ( I know, I know, both bodies are dysfunctional.)

The coffee place of the day was the Fair Fix Cafe. There are (at least) two coffee places in Fairfax; the other one is Fairfax Coffee Roastery. Both are reasonable – albeit, not great – places.