Useful Software

Monitor Profile
From time to time, I run into really useful software that performs some function I need/want. DispcalGUI is one such software program. The problem I’m working is display calibration. One piece of advice you will see every where when working in photography is to “Calibrate your Display.” Without a calibrated display, you have almost zero chance of getting prints that look like what you are seeing on the display. Many years ago I purchased a software/hardware package(Monoco EZColor Optix XR) to calibrate displays. It has worked well. The problem is that the new Apple OS, “Lion,” will not support that software anymore. While I don’t anticipate upgrading to Lion “real soon,” I thought I should look around for calibration solutions now. DispcalGUI is just the right thing. It is actually, as its name implies, an user interface to a collection of programs (Argyll) that will calibrate and profile your display. It works flawlessly on a Mac and is “Universal,” i.e, runs on any kind of Mac not to mention Windows and Linux as well. The price is whatever you care to donate to the developer. BTW, the developer is very responsive to requests for help – although it would be better to use the support forum. Check it out for your calibration needs.