Santa Cruz Mission SHP

Typical Room in the Adobe
I visited the Santa Cruz Mission SHP today. There’s not a lot left of the original –the church fell down in a 1857 earthquake. But there’s still something to be learned there. You can see my favorite shots on the Protect Our Parks Galleries. Most of the shots are of construction techniques. Mistreatment of indigenous people is a little harder to get shots of today.

I can’t imagine that the upkeep of this park contributes anything to the budget problems of the state. There was one (very helpful) ranger at the visitor center plus one other one working around the grounds.

Also,kudos to the person –not with the Parks –who spoke with me as I was entering the park. She gave me a good idea what’s important in the construction of the Adobe,something I had no idea about until I spoke with her. Thanks.

And, I had breakfast at Zachary’s once again. Great Place.