Park added to Protect Our Parks

Rock Climber at Goat Rock
Today’s park is Castle Rock State Park. Ann Marie Brown,in her book 101 Great Hikes of the San Francisco Bay Area says this park should be called Swiss Cheese State Park. Check out the pictures,you will see why. She also says Castle Rock is one of the most popular parks in the Bay Area. So tell me,why is it on the hit list? While I can’t say just how many people visit this,or any other park,I do know that at Portola Redwoods I spent a day in isolation while at Castle Rock the trails were relatively busy. That’s not a argument for closing Portola Redwoods. Castle Rock is popular with rock climbers and I have a couple of pictures of them working out. Also,for something different,a “black and white”picture. Check it out on the Galleries Page.