Protecting our State Parks

Samuel P. Taylor SP
I think it’s time – maybe past time – to get involved in the threatened closing of 70 of our state parks. The state parks are special places; closing them is not only a bad idea, it’s not a very workable idea. Just how do you go about closing Candlestick Park? Or Samuel P. Taylor? Samuel P. Taylor has a major bike path running right through it. How do you protect the “closed” park? Short answer is you can’t.

To this end, I’ve started a new website I’m calling ProtectOurParks My intent is to use photography to publicize the threatened parks and, hopefully, motivate you – yes, you – to help save our parks. ProtectOurParks is an interactive site – that means you can add appropriate content and comments. Of course, I’m the editor so I get to define “appropriate.”

The site is just getting started so check it out now and in the coming weeks as we add content.