Where will the Sun be tomorrow?

TPE Output
One useful thing, when you are into sunsets, moon risings and so on, is to know just where to stand. I’ve been using the free government site together with some topo map software which works fine. However, a couple of months ago I became of aware of a stand-alone program that does an excellent job and gives you even more information. The program is The Photographer’s Ephemeris.

I’ve included a screen shot of the program in action. While I reduced the size, it shows that if I was standing on Treasure Island right now, the sun would be just over/behind Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill. Now that’s beyond cool.

The desktop version is free while the iPad version is not. I have not used the iPad version but I frequently use the desktop version. I even stumbled on to a small bug. The developer was very responsive and released a new version within a couple of days. Definitely a recommended program. BTW, the program requires Adobe AIR to run. AIR is also free.