Ansel Adams Exhibit

The Monterey Museum of Art is featuring an exhibit of Ansel Adams’ work. These prints are from his ‘museum’ collection, something he was working on at the time of his death. Here’s a quote from the Museum:” In 1978, Ansel Adams selected images he wished to make available to museums and art institutions. Although he was able to complete a substantial number of the prints, his death in 1984 curtailed the long-range plans for the project. As a result, only a few complete “Museum Sets” were produced.”

I had a chance to see this exhibit today and it’s just marvelous. The sharpness in the prints is unbelievable – I only hope I can get somewhere in the vicinity of that level print. “Moonrise, Near Hernandez, New Mexico” is included. (See my earlier post.) There’s approximately 70 pictures – all signed by Adams. If you get a chance, head for Monterey to see this – it ends on October 3. And, no, I wouldn’t presume to use one of my pictures to illustrate something about Adams.