Wildflowers at Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

I went to Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve this morning. It was foggy, rainy and cold. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a really good day. There were lots of wildflowers blooming. And, as a bonus, they were covered with raindrops. (Me too but it was worth it. ) My Recent work web page has been updated with some pictures from today. Enjoy.

BTW, my flower identification skills are minimal, at best. I have a book, Introduction to California Wildflowers by Phillip A. Munz, but I can never find the flowers in the book that I find in the field. Ditto for the Internet. So, if you know what the flowers are, let me know. And I’m only 70% certain the blue flower is called a Forget Me Not.

    Later… and I was 70% incorrect. The blue plant is a Pacific Hound’s Tongue | Cynoglossum grande. Thanks to JB for the assistance.

Anyway, it would be nice to say something beyond “blue flower.”