I rejoined Lenswork recently. One service available on the website is to submit a portfolio for review. There’s a sample review available so I checked it out. I found it interesting and helpful even though it wasn’t my work being reviewed. There were some ideas that I found useful. Among them the idea of looking back at old work to see if you could improve it. So… here we are. This reworked image is from 2014. Could just be the time since I worked on it before but I like this version better than my original attempt.

Arastradero Preserve

I’ve always liked the Pearson-Arastradero Preserve. It’s an easy hike with a lot of California Oak trees scattered around the Preserve. I caught a really nice day there albeit without a lot of flowers, just the magnificent Oak trees. Still, that was good. You can see my favorites from the day here.

Mori Point

I thought the spring flowers might be blooming down the coast so I went to Mori Point – part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The flowers had not made much of an appearance yet so I just did the ocean at Rockaway Beach and wandered around Mori Point for a while. You can see the results on my Recent Work gallery.

Presidio Morning

After all the urban photography, I wanted to get back into landscape photography. I headed for the Presidio the other morning but veered off course to capture a few images of the Golden Gate bridge. I happened to get there just a few minutes before the sun came up. When it did, it lit up the bridge. It was a clear morning and the sun’s ray really hit the orange bridge. Check out the gallery from the day here. The time difference between the two Golden Gate shots was 10 minutes. Waiting paid off.

DNG Conversion

I’ve been rethinking my workflow recently. Here are some of my thoughts on using DNGs. 3/27/18 – I updated this to cover the case of not converting to DNGs but setting up the destination for the images outside of Lightroom. Bottom line – that’s also much faster.